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Make time for you.

Making time declares that YOU matter. It's a commitment to YOU and YOUR values, priorities, and goals.

Making time is actually a crucial 'survival habit': If you don't make time, time will be taken from you. You'll be pushed and pulled by other obligations. Something will always come up. In all honesty, there's never a 'perfect time'.

No matter what it is you're making time for, practice making time also helps you practice valuable life skills, such as:

1. Identifying what is important to you. How you spend your time reveals what you really value. If you value your health, give it time and attention.

2. Negotiating for what you want and need. Be your own advocate. For instance, to make time for your health you may need to get help with the kids, say no to someone's request, or make a plan to pencil it into your schedule.

3. Realistically assessing your own capacity. By making time and noticing how long specific tasks require, you can more accurately calibrate your own expectations.

4. Looking ahead planning, and preparing. This can be a simple calendar check each day or a more complex weekly plan.

5. Anticipating obstacles. You'll probably need a Plan B (and C, and D...maybe an E just in case).

6. Treating unexpected challenges as normal. Rather than getting knocked off track, you can flow with what life offers you, and practice resilience.

Start today. Take a look at your time and plan to spend it well - for YOU. And as always, if you have any questions or need help, please reach out!

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