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Action is what gets you started.

Motivation is unreliable. It comes and goes; and we solely can't depend on it. In order to be successful-with anything in life-we need to focus more on practice, habit, and repetition, along with systems like planning and preparation.

Motivation usually comes AFTER action...not before. It's easy to look for the 'motivation secret', assuming it will come first and force us to jump into action. However, it's usually after we've done something that we feel motivated. All we have to do is start! Most of the time, getting started is the hardest part. Often, all we need to do is push through the first few minutes of resistance and we're rolling. Small actions create momentum. 5 minutes on a small task can lead to other things. For instance, when you're cleaning your house, isn't this the way we all work? We start by vacuuming and then we see something else that needs put away or cleaned, and before we know it, it's a domino affect and the house is finally spotless! And thhhhhen your husband comes home and it's a mess 5 minutes later ;)...just kidding-kind of.. Action is empowering. We want to feel inspired and energized! The more we act the better we feel...and the more we feel ready, willing, and able to do more action. Action is satisfying. It's real. It happened. If you workout, you feel good about it. If you choose fruit over a donut, you feel good about it. Action is evidence. It can be measured-it gives us data. Action is a life experiment that shows us what to do next. The more you act, the more motivated you'll be. The more you have systems, processes, and routines to help yourself act, the more you can do. You'll start to rely more on your 'wise mind' and goal-oriented planning, and less on in-the-moment decision-making and motivation. All of the above is what I teach my clients through my Fitness and Nutrition Coaching. My coaching isn't necessarily all about health, fitness and wellness. In order to create a sustainable lifestyle, we need to evaluate your own life and create habits..through practice, routine(s), and planning.

What are some systems, processes, and routines you rely on?

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