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1-on-1 coaching,
specific to you.

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upper body mobility

Have someone 100% invested in your journey.

Jade, I know you hurt your back at work so I adjusted your exercises on today's workout. Let me know how you feel later today!

at home body weight workout with virtual coach

Erin, I checked out your hotel and they do not have a gym or one nearby, so I created bodyweight workouts for you this week. Enjoy your trip!

Don't let a busy schedule hold you back.

running program with virtual personal trainer

Do the right exercises to make the most of your workouts and get faster results.

Matt, you are so close to your 6 min./mi. goal! It seems like the extra day of cross-training is working. How are things feeling for you?

Create positive habits that transfer over into your everyday life.

Alex, I see that preparing your meals helped you hit your protein goals this week and saved you from your late-night cravings. Way to tackle the week!

squats with dumbbells during an at home workout with virtual personal trainer

1-on-1 Fitness

There is no "one size, fits all" program. You are unique and your programming should be too.

Individually designed progressive fitness program tailored to fit your lifestyle and goals at the time, space, and pace that works for you.

gluten free waffles with virtual nutrition coach

1-on-1 Nutrition

There is no "one size, fits all" program. You are unique and your programming should be too.

Nutrition coaching based on improving your overall mental and physical health. No restrictions just sustainable change. 

Modern Office

Corporate Wellness

Employees are the driving force for operation and success of an organization. An appropriate wellness program supports employees to make positive changes for their health, which leads to greater productivity that supports the entire organization.

Culture and Health Co.’s corporate wellness program creates individualized success paths for each person within your company, while simplifying administration and improving health. 

We've told you what we do,
now let's find out what you can do.

Culture and Health Co.

Michael L., TN

"I am someone who has always considered myself to be active and healthy, yet I struggle to lose those stubborn 10-15 pounds. I have tried various exercise regimens and nutrition counseling and have never found something that was practical and sustainable. That was until I met Kindra Waack.  Her nutrition advice was simple and not burdensome for me to put into practice in my daily routine. She offered a plan that had maximum positive impact with minimal daily disruption. The results were fast and noticeable. I felt better. I felt healthier. I was able to shed weight and look better. The best part is that these dietary and nutritional changes are permanent and part of my nutrition habits and not something that was too difficult to maintain. Oh and Kindra is a joy to work with, is smart, professional, knowledgeable, and approaches her clients with grace and compassion. I highly recommend Kindra!"
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