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Gain control of your health, WITHOUT giving up your favorite foods.


Culture and Health Co.'s fitness & nutrition program: 

Improve your cholesterol, blood pressure, and risk for disease.

A results-driven training method that is sustainable for each individual.

Create positive habits that transfer over into your everyday life.

Determine healthier habits that work for you.

1-on-1 fitness and nutrition coaching.

Dive deeper into your physical AND mental health.

There is no "one size fits all" - your body is unique and your programming should be, too.

What is ROOTED?

ROOTED is a customized fitness and nutrition program that includes: A fitness program designed for you and your goals; nutrition coaching with no restrictions; a foundational guide full of educational material; and support, guidance, and accountability from Kindra.

Where does it happen?

ROOTED is done virtually and consists of in-depth 1-on-1 coaching.

When does it start?

ROOTED is a virtual program and starts the moment you enroll! Once enrolled, Kindra will reach out and you will begin your journey. :)

Who is it for?

ROOTED is for anybody who wants to gain control of their health. It works for anybody, regardless of their knowledge or previous experience.

How does it work?

ROOTED will be co-created with you and Kindra. 1-on-1 coaching with Kindra will keep you moving forward, allow you to ask questions, get real time feedback, provide you with support, and hold you accountable.

Why does it exist?

ROOTED was created to help the World distinguish right from wrong, when it comes to health and fitness. There simply is not a ‘one size, fits all’ diet or fitness program. We all have different fitness levels, ages, genes, careers, etc. Everybody is different and your health should be treated on an individual level, not based on a standard. "To me it’s important to empower people with knowledge and to embrace trial and error, when it comes to figuring out a way to gain sustainable health and fitness results."

A deeper look at ROOTED

To create sustainable change, education is not enough, you need an immersive environment. ROOTED provides a proven process, mental reprogramming, community, and expert mentorship.

Here's what clients are saying

Michael L., TN

"I am someone who has always considered myself to be active and healthy, yet I struggle to lose those stubborn 10-15 pounds. I have tried various exercise regimens and nutrition counseling and have never found something that was practical and sustainable. That was until I met Kindra Waack.  Her nutrition advice was simple and not burdensome for me to put into practice in my daily routine. She offered a plan that had maximum positive impact with minimal daily disruption. The results were fast and noticeable. I felt better. I felt healthier. I was able to shed weight and look better. The best part is that these dietary and nutritional changes are permanent and part of my nutrition habits and not something that was too difficult to maintain. Oh and Kindra is a joy to work with, is smart, professional, knowledgeable, and approaches her clients with grace and compassion. I highly recommend Kindra!"
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